Saddle Up
There is nothing in this world that makes a girl cum like a Sybian. The most powerful vibrator known to man, this machine is capable of tearing more orgasms from a punished pussy than any woman has ever been prepared for. Nikki Knightly begged OT for an orgasm when she thought he was just going to hit her with the Hitachi. Once she is saddled up, mounted on the ride-on fuck toy she instantly regrets that decision.

The advantage that the Sybian has over all other vibrators is that it is so overwhelming. It doesn't matter what else OT is doing to Nikki, there is no way she can possibly stop herself from cumming. This makes the motorized orgasm machine perfect for conditioning a slave. Beat her while she is riding it and the signals in her brain will get all crossed. Soon enough she won't be able to distinguish pleasure from pain, and then the two will be forever mixed in her mind. After that the crack of a whip will get her as dripping wet as the hum of the vibrator, turning her into Pavlov's bitch.
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