Brat Training: No Really, It‘s Not About You
Penny Barber Rain DeGrey hardtied 2014-11-12 16.99 credits Buy Movie
One working over was not enough for this greedy MILF. Penny Barber is legendary for how mouthy she is. This brat needs breaking but always bounces back twice as bratty as before. Jack Hammer decorated Penny with bruises and strict restraint for Infernalrestraints, but it was obvious it was not nearly enough. In the end, he brings her over to Hardtied where Rain DeGrey is waiting to take a crack at her.

Once Jack dumps off his used plaything, Rain pounces and gets to work immediately. That mouth has always gotten Penny in trouble. Time to show her the price for insolence. Penny is tightly tied and gets her mouth washed out with soap and water. Her makeup is destroyed in the process but the attitude remains. The soap is shifted into a gag and Penny is left to wallow in soapy anguish as drool pours out around her gag.

Pulling our busty MILF into a bent over position, Penny is tied down so that her juicy bubble butt is perfectly exposed. A fierce and relentless flogging on that iron ass doesn’t even get her attention, and Rain has to switch to her fist. The fist does the trick as a noticeably less lippy Penny cums hard, glassy eyed and twitching. Pleasure seems to have more of an impact then pain, and Rain explores that with a merciless strap-on pounding.

Evidently pleasure is the key to unlocking this brat, and Rain binds her into a chair tie that perfectly displays that greedy cunt. Penny can not close her legs or shift in the slightest, and is promptly overloaded with with a onslaught of vibrator and fist. As her eyes roll into the back of her head, the sassy backtalk are noticeably absent. Of course, the big black ballgag firmly wedged deep between her lips probably helps too. Once every last orgasm is ripped out, our bound and destroyed fucktoy is left lolling in her ropes, drool pouring out and a distant look in her eyes.
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