Flesh Circus
The Flesh Circus is in town.

Tracey Sweet and Sarah Jane Ceylon present themselves for your enjoyment. Watch, riveted as this duo of fit and beautiful young blondes get worked up into a frenzy of sapphic lust.

Together they undergo a myriad of ever more intense, pleasurable and humiliating bondage scenarios ranging from being gagged, handcuffed and neckcuffed together inside a cage, to gagging, drooling and choking on cock, mouths locked open with ring gags and noses firmly hooked.

Later on, bent over a bar, their hands are cuffed behind their knees. As dildos and vibrators are buried in their cunts and secured on their clits, a frothy mixture of their tears, snot and drool drips from their faces and pools on the floor. Reflected in each puddle are legs trembling with fatigue, attached to cute heels with panties pulled down around the ankles.

For the final act, Tracey and Sarah demonstrate their oral skills on each other. We leave it to you, dear viewer, to judge respective cunnilingus techniques.
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