Barrel of Fun
Rain DeGrey infernalrestraints 2016-08-26 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Rain DeGrey is always a great time. She's cheerful, she's loud, she's animated, and she lets us do pretty much whatever fucked up thing we can think to do with her gorgeous body. And we have a lot planned for today. We are going to take some time for each side of Rain, her top and her bottom, and the best way we can think to do that is to stick her inside the barrel with whichever part of her we want to play with exposed.

We start her out upside down with only her ass and pussy pointing up for us to see and play with. Her flexibility is impressive since she has to be folded completely in half for both her legs and head to be encased in the tight dark metal cylinder at the same time. We take advantage of this first position to let Rain have some fun. O.T. takes out the hitachi, the most powerful handheld vibrator we have, and starts rubbing it on her clit. The combination of the discomfort of her position and the sheer pleasure of the hitachi overtake Rain. Her moans can be heard echoing out of the barrel is her body shakes against it.

Then we turn Rain back upright so that only her head is poking out of the hole at the top. This is where things start to get bad for Rain. Most girls can barely handle the feeling of a whip on their ass or their back, but Rain is tougher than most girls. Rain is going to be taking lashes directly to the face. That kind of pain is just excruciating, and you can really tell. Once she's done with that she's earned a treat for a ll her hard work. And what better treat to give a good animal than a hearty helping of dog food?
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