Rockys Road Part 1
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Rocky is nervous at the start of her livefeed. She admits this while she's being tied up. Her arm is pulled sharply up into her back and then her head is pulled back to meet it. The ropes go through her mouth. Then her other arm is pulled up to the other side. Alex watches on in terrified amusement.

Alex is tied around Rocky's neck so that the two are held tightly together. After a few minutes Rocky's predicament begins to make her drool. The saliva pours out of her mouth and down her chest. Alex is asked to strip down and rub her ass in Rocky's face. Then Alex is put away in a cage.

Rocky is put into a severe predicament. First her hair is tied into a loop. Then an asshook is applied to her butt. The hook is is tied up to her hair and then down to the floor. What's to keep her from just sitting down you ask? Why the neck rope of course! Standing this way seems easy until you realize she's being pulled into a squat.
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