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KoKo Kitty has been down and out, living on the streets for the past few months. Each day she sits out in the park, asking for loose change, wrapped in her blanket just trying to keep warm. That's where O.T. finds her, curled up for warmth, sitting on a curb, holding a cup out for a donation. He can do her one better, though. He tells her if he goes with him and takes a few pictures he'll pay her for her time, and she won't even have to get naked. But when has that ever really been the case?

They arrive at the studio and O.T. give KoKo a place to shower and get dressed, promising he wont watch her while she's in there. He didn't promise that he wouldn't pop in to give her a towel, though, or that he wouldn't take the panties she left on the floor. That's about as close as O.T. is going to get to keeping his word, though. When she's done getting dressed O.T. traps her in some extreme metal bondage and starts to take off the clothing she has just put on.

Then he sets to work beating her up and down. He whips her perky tits and her pussy with a dragon tail and canes her ass until it turns purple. Then he spreads her legs, sticks a metal pussy hook inside of her, and starts pumping. After a moment he brings in the celebrator and starts vibrating her clit. In no time at all she is moaning and sqirting all over the place, her body betraying her and inducing her into orgasm. She got some reward, maybe she'll get her money eventually.
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