Touched by a Stranger
Callie Black hardtied 2018-08-29 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Callie Black is a timid flower. With her gorgeous blue eyes and her silky blond hair she's just as innocent as you'd imagine. The moment OT walks onto the stage she's like a deer in headlights. Shaking like a leaf. It doesn't get any better for Callie either. OT puts his hands on her and she draws back.

Ever the creep OT confronts her about her predicament. To worsen her disgust OT makes her look him in the eye as he violates her most intimate parts. She can't help, but look away. Each time OT scolds her and draws her back in. She denies being turned on, but her wetness says otherwise.

The longer he plays with her the more disgusted she seems. He takes pictures of her pussy and asshole and makes her look at them while he describes all the thousands of people who are going to see her cunt. She seems embarrassed. In the end though she cums through gritted teeth. OT makes her beg to stop.

"Stop! Please Stop!"
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