Pit Pull
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Ivy Addams is the kind of sexy starlet that O.T. loves having in his clutches. Some girls whimper and beg from the second he puts them in bondage, and they can be fun, but sometimes he enjoys putting a particularly willful one in her place. Ivy is more likely to laugh than cry when she feels the sting of the whip, but that's fine because it will just make her eventual tears that much sweeter.

Her entire world exists withing a few feet of a set of parallel, metal pipes. Some part of her, usually her head, is forever locked between them, and so if she plans on getting anywhere she is going to need to stretch and contort to do it. Even at her most free she is hardly able to wiggle her ass without wrenching her neck. It makes for a perilous predicament as she tries desperately to avoid the single tail O.T. is wielding.

Like we said, though, Ivy has some spunk. When he is messing with her in the worst of ways, applying clamps to some of the more unconventional parts of her body, she doesn't miss a beat. Instead of breaking down in tears she has a few choice words for her perpetual tormentor. We hope that acting out makes her feel better, because the punishment for back talk is another day in the dungeon, so she is going to be here for a while.
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