Racked Pain Therapy
Abigail Dupree Master James 2020-11-22 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Of intense pain and sorrow a person can only wish one thing - Hope it will stop!

A session on the rack, some harsh singletail strikes on her naked body brings the tears for this seasoned slave. Her legs strapped up, ankles near her ears, the whip strikes her ass and random leg shots. Her skin turns red from the wounds inflicted by the dog whip and singletail snake, welts raising.

The sound of the whips echo, the screams blend with the pleas for Master to stop. The time stretches out, movement is limited, the pain burns icy hot. The smell of leather and fear fills the nose inverted for said final bites of the painful whips like rain they fall. And all in my full view, watching them bite one at a time, feeling as though my flesh is being flayed off. There is no choice but to love the pain and endure the course, a life of a suffering for others to enjoy.

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