Calico hardtied 2010-02-24 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Calico, you have got to be happy. You fantasize about pain and bondage and Claire is here to give it to you. You like being able to take pain, you say, especially from those who enjoy giving it. Claire is definitely one of "those". Before she fucks with you, she is going to ask you about your fears and your turn-ons. Just don't expect her to remember, or care, which is which. When you say that cumming from a vibrator is almost too much for you to bear, you know Claire is going to push that limit as far as it will go. When you say that you have cum from pain, you can already tell she will have to try that, too. When you opened up and told her your secrets you gave her consent to use them against you.
bondage     calico     care     claire     consent     cum     fear     limit     ons     pain     secret     turn     vibrator     
Uncut: No editing, one take. All the tying onscreen, no breaks for poor Calico.
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