Lap Dance
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I have been dancing for years. I know that men sometimes have trouble following the rules in the club where I work. After all, having a woman strip and dance on one's lap can make even the most gentle hands try to touch, sometimes seeming of their own volition. I'm patient. I give a lot of warnings. I calmly ask a repeat offender to sit on his hands, but at some point my patience runs out. When men choose to attempt to take advantage of my kindness, there must be consequences.

After several attempts at managing this guy's behavior on my own, the bouncer has to step in to assist me. I have the paying guest taken to the basement to continue my lap dance with him in a way that is a little rougher than he would have liked. Bondage, clamps, ball busting, and belting are used to teach him a few manners. I doubt this guy will ever be grabbing at dancers again.
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