The Extended Feed of Miss Dupree Part 1
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Sometimes we find a girl who can really go the distance. Abigail Dupree, for instance, is inexhaustible in bondage and with discipline. We spent an entire day with her, doing all of the fucked up things that make a Real Time Bondage live feed so special, and she wasn't just active, she was extraordinary.

She's lying on the floor, propped up by her hands. Her tits are clamped, rope pulling on them to keep the nipples tightly stretched. We take a cane and work her hands over, stinging fingers that are just not prepared for that kind of abuse.

But that's just us killing some time before the big stuff. We put her into extreme face bondage. Nose hooks, ear clamps, open-mouth gags, and all. A device for every bit of her, each one designed to cause her as much discomfort as possible. It's strapped to the rope bondage that keeps her tightly tied in a ball, and when she moves it pulls and tugs. We whip her ass to get her moving and really enjoy watching her struggle in the bondage.
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