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Welcome super cute girl next door, Hazel Hypnotic. This is Hazel's first dedicated full-on sex shoot. She loves bondage and hard sex, so lets see how she handles a brutal fucking.

Bound on her back, legs up, pussy and ass exposed, Hazel find herself in the perfect "fuck me" position. She wears the "Insex Mask". Pantyhose over the head, a red rag jammed in her mouth, taped in place; with tape covering her eyes so she is blind to what we are going to do.

We add suction cups to her nipples to make them 2 to 3 times bigger. We want to tie string around them later and hang heavy weights off them. We then bring in a cane. Hazel is surprised with some hard foot caning, her cries of pain muffled deeply by the intense gag. Next we abuse her shaved pussy. A flogger is introduced and we beat her pussy until it is a beautiful pink color.

Next we introduce the hard cock and beat on Hazels sensitive clit. She struggles to escape the hard clit hitting, but she is completely helpless to do so, she must endure. We slowly start fucking our bound girl next door, deeper and deeper we go. Soon it is an all out war on her pussy. We fuck her hard, deep and brutal. Rough pounding sex at it's best. Hazel moans in pleasure and pain as the cock pounds at her cervix. Hazel cums and cums again, it's hard to tell how many times because of the mask, but it is intense.

In the end we lube up her pussy, insert 3 fingers and finger blast Hazel to two MASSIVE squirting orgasms. Squirt flies over 9 feet in the air and covers everything with in a 5 foot radius. We leave Hazel on her back out of breath, lying in her own cum drench and wonder what is next...
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