His Mark Part 1
Brooke Johnson realtimebondage 2019-05-04 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Brooke has such pale skin and long body. She's going to have to receive his mark. While she's waiting a mask is put on her face so she can't see. The viewers ask her questions.

She's quickly stripped and her hands are wrapped with vetwrap. With such a pristine canvas she needs some lines. The singletail takes are and almost instantly bright red lines stripe her body. She squeals. She also smiles. She has to turn to get both sides of her body.

As she sits atop the box she is bound. Leather straps on her ankles and ropes around her wrists. Brooke goes up to the ring by her ankles. The mask still blocks her vision. The vibrator goes to work on her clit and before long she's begging to cum.
ankle     body     box     bright red line     brooke     clit     face     hand     leather strap     line     long body     mask     pale skin     pristine canvas     ring     singletail     vetwrap     vibrator     viewer     wrist     
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