Restrained Cane en Dragontail
A short documentation of being restrained in unrelenting pain and misery consistent with the use of Cane and Dragonstail Whip. Master James straps sex slave 779 to the iron cross restraint for pain orientation, a part of her Chattel training. The resulting torments summon her deepest fears, audible by ear piercing screams, visually attractive by her cowering, cringing and wild writhing in her bindings from being severally whipped or canned. Time stretches on and the pain continues. This video is not for the light of heart. Kindness is non-existent here except when it ends.

Here for DEBRISx type training, slave 779 belongs to another Master as sexual chattel in a smaller town, just an hour south of Master James. He is a kind man that benefits greatly from the teachings that His slave receives at the training yards and dungeon when under the knowledgeable hand of Master James. This slave screams in exquisite terror while in painful acceptance as chattel, trained for perpetual sadistic use.

Painful, Torment, Impact Training, DEBRISx type Training, Cane, Dragonstail Whip, Screaming, Crying, Begging, Ball Gag, Sadistic, Masochist, Writhing, Cane Marks, Pinching Bruises, Poking Sores, Jabbing Soft Spot, Antagonize to Cry, Provoke to Scream, Metal Bondage, Kink, Pain Porn, Masochism, Sadism, Master slave, Abigail AnnLee
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