Kat Call
Kat Monroe sexuallybroken 2017-12-11 11.99 credits Buy Movie
Kat Monroe is a serious cutie, and she's excited to give our members a show they won't soon forget! First, Kat is stripped down, revealing her pert tits and cute round ass. She's spread and inspected for our members viewing pleasure; her holes are already glistening wet. OT ties her up in a chest harness, and gets her up on the Tremor for a rock and roll good time; she cums until she can't hold back her tears anymore. Coated in sweat, tears and pussy juice, she's made to orgasm over and over. While she's lost in a cum coma, we give her a nice dildo to occupy her greedy mouth, shoving it down her throat til she coughs buckets of drool.

Most girls here beg for their orgasms; Kat begs for hers to stop. She gets a short break to relieve herself, then she's back up on the table, getting her holes plunged and teased with a vibrator. When she's finally locked up in the stocks, you can almost feel her relief; no one's ever looked so calm in bondage. It's short lived though, because soon the sadistic OT is back toying with her used up pussy, swirling a metal hook around her spent hole while teasing her swollen clit with the celebrator. She's left exhausted, disgusting, and grinning from ear to ear.
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