[Archive] Squeaky Clean
Veruca James Elise Graves topgrl 2014-07-29 18.99 credits Buy Movie
I've been looking forward to playing with you. I knew you'd be fun for me. You have clearly found yourself seduced by bondage. If I know anything in life, I know when someone has become captivated by bondage. I also see your eagerness to please. You can be quite motivated. I like that.

That means we get to do whatever it is that I want to do, knowing that you will hungrily come along for nearly any ride. On this day, we explored some contrasts. Filthy dirty piss box, squeaky clean latex smother hood. Letting go and releasing the clogged garbage from within, holding in and onto each lusted-after sip of fresh air.

Humility in laying bare one's most intimate expressions, fear of trusting your breath with another. It is easy to give to someone like you. You take whatever it is that is coming your way. You take it all on. I can appreciate that.
anything     bondage     breath     clogged garbage     contrast     dirty piss box     eagerness     fear     fresh air     humility     intimate expression     latex smother hood     life     ride     sip     someone     way     
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