Bondage Kitty
Freya French Jack Hammer hardtied 2015-04-15 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Bondage Kitty Freya French needs to learn how to purr. She can meow really nice when she isn't being pet, but as soon as Jack Hammer lays hands on her she starts with the crying and whining. It's unacceptable. She needs to learn that if she wants to satisfy a man she will have to control her reactions.

Jack makes Freya a brutal deal. Until she purrs he's going to keep hurting her. For as long as she purrs he will let her have a bit of pleasure. She said she loves to be suspended, so he's going to keep her feet off the ground as much as possible. Inverted, on her back, or just lifted up on a pole, Freya is going to be flying all day if she can behave herself. Of course, if she can't manage to keep purring like a good kitty then Jack is going to have to figure out something less pleasant to motivate her.
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