Double Bind
Juliette Black realtimebondage 2012-04-15 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Juliette Black and Katharine Cane were stuck with each other for our last live feed. The stocks we put them in made sure of that. What one got the other had to go through as well. Our members got to watch suffering in stereo. We thought about being nice to them because of that but we just could not help ourselves. It was not long before the posture collars came out, the nipple clamps went on, and the screaming started.

Mz. Berlin decided to stop in to check out Katharine and air out her grievances. Katharine can barely choke out her defense with the collar wrapped so tightly around her throat. Meanwhile, Juliette has no problem shouting her appreciation for the things Claire Adams is doing to her.
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