Useless Brat Part 2
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Bonnie's next task is to get in the cage with Syren and make her naked. She can't help talking while she does it. Such a useless slut. Her head goes through the collar on the top of the cage and her wrists are cuffed out. Her knees are also spread wide so she's totally exposed.

The clothes pins start going on Bonnie's face, but there's a string attached so everyone knows there's going to be a zipper. The first ever face zipper. When it comes off Bonnie screams. The vibrator starts buzzing on her clit and she screams even more.

Bonnie comes out of the cage and gets locked down to the box with Syren inside underneath her. Useless Bonnie missed some little hairs on her asshole. OT helps pluck them. Once she's clean her nipples get locked down to the box and she gets a caning.
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