Slutty Panties
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2020-02-23 6.99 credits Buy Movie
I've been such a bad girl and Daddy is not pleased with my choice of undergarments. Mama called him at work and sent me to see him so he could deliver my punishment of bare bottom spanking with strap and spoon, and I knew he wouldn't go easy on me. He makes me show him the slutty panties that I had chosen for the day and makes me spank my big tush before making me put on some more ladylike panties. After my bottom is nice and red he has me use the wooden spoon but I broke it on my bare bum. He has me pull out the leather strap and delivers 30 more swats. I'll be sure and think a little harder the next time I get dressed in the morning.

Age Play, Daddy Dom, Self Spanking, Ass Smacking, Daddy's Girl, Strapping, Big Butt, Punishment Fantasy, Wooden Spoon, Red Bottom, leather strap, conform to standards, good girl, hard spanking, bad girl, daddy, panties, Hand Spanking, Bare Bottom, Daddy Daughter Scenario, School Girl Fantasy
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