The Farm: Part 1 Checkmate
Siouxsie Q infernalrestraints 2014-10-24 19.99 credits Buy Movie
We know exactly what you're all thinking: “What is that device and where the hell can I get one?” Well, the little gem PD locks around Siouxsie Q's neck is called a man-catcher. It's a medieval device used for capturing high-value people, subduing them, and making them compliant. This one is custom made, perfect for use on sexy submissives that find themselves in our home.

Siouxsie came back for the full BDSM experience. It isn't as simple as just being tied up or locked down, then taking a little bit of discipline. This is a matter of endurance. It's long hours spend languishing in a cage, wondering when PD is coming back and what new torment he'll be bringing with him when he arrives.

Long term bondage is hard. There is barely enough food and water. There is no privacy. Siouxsie pisses between bars in her cage and sleeps when PD brings her a couple of pieces of sheet metal to lay across them. The only interaction she gets with another human being is when PD comes in to see her. He wants to play a game of chess, and while she is naked, afraid, and worried about where this is going, she doesn't dare refuse. It isn't long before he's added a humiliating extra layer to the game. She should have known. She did know. But there was nothing she could do about it.
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