Rosey Cheeks
Dresden hardtied 2018-11-07 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Dresden's got the buns for a good hard spanking. Some women need the cane, the whip, the paddle. Some women you have to hit with things. Dresden's the type of girl who you need to get in there with. You have to use your hands to redden her butt.

Once they are nice and red it's time to get more serious. Whips and floggers are lovely on a warm ass. Dresden's a little pain girl so there has to be something new to torment her with. Let her think she's going to cum and then take the vibrator away?

Dresden is teased over and over and over again. Each time she's denied. Once she is allowed to cum she's made to cum over and over and over well past where is comfortable. The vibrator is relentless.
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