The Lying Sinner
Selma Sins Jack Hammer hardtied 2014-12-31 16.99 credits Buy Movie
There's only one way to cleanse a sinner. It isn't prayer, it's punishment. Selma Sins wears her disgrace like a badge of courage. She's a filthy, little thing, flaunting her body and her love of sex. We need to teach her to be more humble, more modest, more submissive.

Jack Hammer is equal parts her confessor and her tormentor. He has a million ways to purge her of her impure thoughts and make her regret all of her impropriety. He will take the best pleasure imaginable, the sweet release of a long denied orgasm, and combine it with all of the pain of rough rope bondage and harsh corporal punishment. Selma doesn't know it when he begins, but by the end of this she will be begging him for permission to cum. And when he gives it to her it will be the best time of her life. From that moment on she will be his obedient slave, if only to have a chance at repeating it.
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