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Dee Williams hardtied 2017-01-25 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Dee Williams needs a little bit of TLC: tying, lashes, and cum, and Matt Williams is ready and willing to help her out getting just that. She is dressed, however briefly, in a short and tight gray dress that shows off just how round and lovely her ass and tits are. Matt can't wait to get his hands on them. He pulls the dress up over her head and wraps her tits up in rope, creating a harness that squeezes them and makes them even perkier than they are on their own.

Matt ties Dees arms behind her back in a brutal strappado, then bends her over a small table and lashes her legs so that they are folded into her body. He takes the rope and strings it through a hook on the ceiling and hoists her up so tha she is dangling in the air, suspended by her elbows and tits.

Matt then takes the hitachi and places it on her pussy, vibrating it harder than any other handheld device can. She cries out as he presses it against her clit, begging for release, pleading with him to let her cum. The truth is Matt couldn't care less what she does, he just wants to have his fun with her. In no time Dee is squirting all over the place. Matt thinks this is funny, so he puts her into a few more suspensions, seeing just how wet she can get the floor. He might need a caution sign by the time she's done.
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