London River hardtied 2017-11-29 16.99 credits Buy Movie
London River works for the county. She goes around in her stupid car and tells people that they are going to have to pay more taxes. Boy did she chose the wrong door to knock on today. OT doesn't understand why she is being such a bitch. When she tries to leave OT informs her that she'll need to pay more penance.

First she's tied up on the counter in his kitchen. He lets her have it with the cane. Some hard bastinado is exactly what OT requires to make him feel better about the extra taxes. He isn't without mercy though. He ties her up in a contorted position with her legs spread wide and starts giving her orgasm after orgasm with a huge hunk of metal in her ass.

OT doesn't stop. He puts her in one fucked up position after another and takes her breath away. It's true love!
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