Katharine Caned
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We stuck Katharine Cane in a bag and asked her how it felt. She told us it was hot, sweaty, tight and overall unpleasant. Naturally when we heard that the first thing we thought was, "Now how can we make it worse?" It did not take much brainstorming from our members to come up with some great ideas. That is the beauty of having Live Feeds. We get to hear your ideas as you have them and put the best ones into action right away.

Make it harder for her to breathe? Sure. Shock her until she begins to panic? That sounds splendid. See if we can fill her bag with as much of her tears and piss as sweat? Sure it sounds impossible, but how will know until we try? We have all day, after all. It isn't like Katharine is going anywhere.
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Katharine Caned
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