The Worst Cheerleader Part 1
Luna LaVey realtimebondage 2017-11-11 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Despite her demonic appearance Luna LaVey has the body to be a cheerleader. She's got those sexy hips and big tits that every guy wants to play with. Luna has always wanted to be a cheerleader. She's always wanted to fuck the jocks like cheerleaders do.

The only problem is she that she sucks! Even when we give her pompoms she can't make a cheer to save her life. Luna is a stripper and yet she can't strip to a decent song. So what are we going to do with her? First we make the position more difficult for her.

The members want to see her socks shoved in her mouth. They are huge so we shove them deep down her throat and tape them in tight. Then we shove her own hair through the holes she made in her nose. Then OT vibrates her. It's just a tease though.
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