Ashley Lane hardtied 2018-11-14 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Ashley is a Veteran on the INSEX stage. She's the type of girl who demands that the bondage is tight, the positions are strict, the pain is intense, and the orgasms are proper. That's just what she gets when she comes to visit us. This time the positions are so intense she screams out in pain.

First it's all about holding her leg up so that she doesn't pull her head off her neck. Then she has to bend forward with her arms in a strict strappado. Her nipples, and neck are pulled out in front of her. The crotch rope intensifies her predicament.

With her elbows touching she's put into a back breaking hogtie. OT pulls the hogtie up to the ring above her making her nearly come right off the ground. Ashley loves to cum, but eventually hers become painful. While she's flying around hung by her wrists and ankles OT makes her cum again and again while she screams.
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