Gags, Gags, Gags
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Today's installment of Real Time Bondage is a little bit special. Typically we would show you the things we like to do to our models, but right now we want to help you figure out how you might want to play with a sub of your own. That's why today's show is just us showing off our favorite gags and telling you all about the goods and bads of each of them, so it's easier for you to find what you're looking for in a gag.

Our sexy model, Violet Monroe, spends the entire time tied up in a chair with no clothes on, showing off her smoking body as much as the gags our handlers are having her try on. Matt Williams and O.T. give her piece after piece to show off, including a wide array of ball gags, a leather gag, and even some made of metal. Each of our handlers tells the audience their favorite choice and why they picked it. The crown jewel of the show is a gag that fits inside the mouth with no strap, made special for our purposes at Insex On Demand.
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