Pain is Love Part 4
We have called Bella Rossi a sexual animal before. We really gave that saying a whole new meaning at her live feed, though. We turned her from a sexy, beautiful woman into an obedient little animal in heat. All it took was a glass dildo with a fluffy raccoon tail on the end and a long chain leash to put her into the kind of mental space we wanted. It's a bit of old fashioned humiliation, having her crawl around on all fours like a dog. We tried to give her a nice pair of bells for her collar but we found that they fit much better on her nipples and pussy.

With Bella back into human mode there were still quite a few ways for us to have fun with her. Jack Hammer laid into her ass with a heavy flogger that left her cheeks a rosy pink. She had a ring gag in her mouth that allowed Elise Graves to push a dildo down her throat. Bella has often said how much she loves the feelings of bondage, discipline, and humiliation. One look at her pussy lets you know how serious she was. It didn't take much time for her to start cumming once Elise put the vibrator to her clit. It got even more intense when she switched out the small but strong Celebrator for the intensity of the Hitachi. Soon enough she was completely transformed into a drooling, cum-drunk mess, bound to a rack.
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