Inceptive Breathing Bubbler
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2018-07-25 24.99 credits Buy Movie
This session Master James introduces the Breathing Bubbler to slave 465. This is a functional form of air breath control using a strict respirator gas mask pipped into a bottle fitted with an orifice restriction tube through water that acts as a filter. This apparatus requires more effort to breath the air the body needs to survive and in doing so to her while in bondage, triggered a claustrophobic feeling from a repeated childhood trauma. slave abigail is an extreme BDSM bottom with no limits for her Master. Though Master James is not in the habit of breaking his slaves, this slave has just a couple of physiological triggers, that if executed in the wrong way, could put her right over the edge into the realm of a possible point of no return mentally. This would render her useless in all of the ways required in her service as a sex slave. We cannot have that now can we? The level of commitment and usefulness this slave exhibits is a commodity hard to come by these days..

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