Heavy Metal
Raquel Roper thought she understood what she wanted. She wanted a big strong man to come and take charge and take her away to be his forever. Only now does she realize that she had no idea, when she came up with that plan, what she was getting herself into, much less what would be getting itself into her. Now she finds herself shackled up to a metal frame with the whim of this big strong man being lorded over her and nothing she could possibly do to help herself.

O.T. is a man who knows what he wants done, but not necessarily a man who wants to do it himself, and right now he wants Raquel to get fucked. So he comes up with the idea to have her do it herself. He places her with her ankles attached, on her back, with a dildo inside of her and the end of it between her feet. Then he sits back and watches as he tells Raquel to fuck herself. She loves it so much she is drooling from her bit gag. He congratulates himself on a job well done. Who ever heard of a chore doing itself?

Then he decides it's time to play with this new thing he has, so he takes her metal collar and he hooks chain after chain after chain to it and attaches them to the floor around her. No matter where she tries to move another chain from another direction pulls her back down. And since O.T. is coming with a cattle prod in his hand and an evil look in his eye, Raquel is really trying her best to move. Every time he goes to poke her she jerks away and whimpers, but it's no use. She's stuck with her wish. Hey, at least he is in command.
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