Anal Gummy Worm Stuffing Censored
Abigail Dupree 2020-04-22 9.99 credits Buy Movie
A censored video because, well buttholoes are dirty and I had a hard time retaining the worms and they really wanted to come out with the other butt stuff... You can ask me for the non-censored version, I don't mind, kinda like sharing naughty stuff.
Mmm, would you eat out of my asshole? I love stuffing my asshole with foodstuffs, edibles right out of my dirty butt just makes me feel so naughty. But this could be just our secret, but only if you have an anal food cuisine with me. What would you like to eat out of my asshole?

We all have ass holes, but not all of us have as much fun with them as I do. When I first started discovering my love of putting things in my butt, the entire world became my butthole's oyster. I looked at every little thing in a whole new light and pondered the question "could I put it in my butt?" I also discovered that I'm not alone in my fascination as I get so asking me questions and many more requests for uncommon butt hole stuffings and stretching.

This video is an homage to my number one muse, Hot Kinky Jo who's anal abilities I aspire to. Watch to find out how many gummy worms I make disappear inside of my ass.

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