Oh! My Goodness
Siouxsie Q realtimebondage 2014-06-21 18.99 credits Buy Movie
We enjoy having two models on hand for a RealTimeBondage.com live feed because they can get kind of intense. We let our members add their suggestions on the forums and live as the show is taking place. That means that all of the action is raw and unscripted. Whether we're using them two at a time or alternating, having two girls on hand means double the fun.

Siouxsie Q has the kind of wide, terrified eyes that we love. The only thing we need to do is put together a stunning predicament that will make her peepers pop. Siouxsie and Maddy O'Reilly are sitting on the perfect prop. It's a large copper plate and they both know what it is for. A little bit of current is going to turn this into our electrical torment device.

And that's the beginning of a beautiful bit of predicament bondage. Siouxsie is standing on the plate with clamps on her nipples. She is tied so that she can pull herself up by her arms if she has the strength. Whenever her feet touch down the circuit is completed. That means the voltage runs right through her tits.

Maddy isn't going to get ignored all day. She's been sitting by quietly in her cage while we played with Siouxie. Well, we've got a Hitachi with her name on it. She's told us how much she loves to cum. Everyone does, right? Well, she isn't going to get that chance yet. We teased her for a bit before taking the toy away and leaving her to think about what she can do to earn some more time with the vibrator.
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