Prisoner Transport Part One
Calico infernalrestraints 2010-06-04 49.99 credits Buy Movie
PD is transporting his prisoner out to his private farm. You may not be able to tell through the hood, but Calico is actually quite excited. She loves bondage and she knows that the farm is the place where he has his greatest ideas. He has an excellent one before they even get there. A weighted clamp will sway with the motion of the vehicle. This one sends a sharp jolt into her clit whenever it swings into the small bucket beneath her.

Her day actually starts when she gets to the barn. Calico thought PD was the worst of it, but he was not even interested in showing her what real pain was. Sister Dee was just waiting for this delivery. Once Calico is unloaded SD gets her chance to play. She puts clamps onto the most sensitive places she can find and makes Calico scream.
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