Anal Solo For Daddy Egg and Slink
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2019-04-24 9.99 credits Buy Movie
It's always a "special time" when Daddy tells me to spend some alone time with myself and my toys. It is the time that I feel like a good girl when he tells me to act like a big girl and show him how big I am. Now that I am growing hair in all the right places like my armpits and "no no zone", Daddy is paying more and more attention to me, which I like very much. I put on my new outfit, the one that I was told to wear like a good girl. Daddy got it for me and I feel so cute like a magical, horny unicorn,.
Daddy gave me some new toys to play with too! Like the magic steel wand, the steel egg and what daddy calls the slink anal probe. He told me to put them all in my butt. I am very excited and they all feel so good in my butt that I end up playing for longer than I was told to. I hope you like my video Daddy...
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