Rockys Road Part 3
Rocky Emerson realtimebondage 2018-09-15 18.99 credits Buy Movie
In the final episode of Rocky's Road Rocky sits in fear waiting for her ultimate nightmares to be realized. She's agreed to do the two things she's always said she would never do. The anxiety is clear on her face as she watches the scene being prepared in front of her. She tries to take some deep cleansing breaths.

As Rocky is put into bondage the anxiety rises even further. She begins to cry even before the torment begins. She's strapped to a beam and tears stream down her face. The rag is placed over her and water begins to drip through it. She struggles and gasps trying to take air in. It's terrifying.

Then her worst fear is actualized. She's mummified, blindfolded, and white noise is blasted through headphones into her ears. She's is freaking out!
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