Pain Puppet Part 1
Paintoy Emma realtimebondage 2016-07-16 18.99 credits Buy Movie
At the beginning of each of our live feeds we like to take a while to get to know our models by asking them a few questions. Once we get started questioning Paintoy Emma, though, we are having too much fun to stop. We have some very special ideas for how to make this process especially fun for us and especially rough on Emma. We are going to take our time interrogating this one.

We already have Emma tied down to a chair, so the next step is to bind her arms and legs all the way up with tape so she has no range of movement. This bondage still allows for too much freedom. Emma can still see and speak. O.T. wraps her head up in gauze and then puts a layer of tape over it to ensure that absolutely no light can make its way through the mask. Once she's completely bound, we go back to asking questions. We hook up electrodes to her pussy, nose, and nipples, and every time she gives an answer we don't like (shaking her right hand yes and her left hand no) we send a shock through her body.

One of the advantages of having an older model is that she's been around the block a few times. She's convinced she's seen and done enough that she's beyond anything we can do to her. She says that she thinks she might be "calloused". That sounds like a challenge and we are happy to accept. We are going to find what soft sensitive skin there is left and go to work on that.
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