All Grown Up Part 1
Elizabeth Thorn is crazy about cock. She's always on the look out for some cute guy to stuff her. She sees OT while visiting her friend Delirious at the farm. He knows exactly how to catch a slut like this. Rather than running up to her he plays it cool, acts like he is shy. She takes the bait, coming over to talk and flirting shamelessly. When he asks her to follow him into the barn she probably thinks it is for a roll in the hay. That couldn't be further from the truth.

Elizabeth spent years ignoring OT. She has gone to bed with almost every other person she's met, including his sister, and never once thrown him a second glance. Now she's going to pay for it. He has years of pent up frustration ready to explode. He is going to have to release it slowly. She probably still thinks she's going to get fucked. We've got news for you, girl. You already ARE fucked. You just don't know how hard.
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