Hazel Hypnotic realtimebondage 2013-06-29 24.99 credits Buy Movie
A little pleasure, a lot of pain, Hazel Hypnotic has never disappointed when it comes to our live feeds. She is a beautiful, top-notch performer that always keeps her promise to participate in the most deviant demands we can come up with.

It only takes a few seconds before the members comment on her naughty librarian look. She is prim and proper while PD makes her walk in some extremely high heels. Even as they begin to disrobe her and show off some of the sexy secrets beneath her clothes she keeps expertly strutting her stuff.

The challenge continues to get more intense, though. She may be able to keep her balance when she has complete freedom of motion, but how about when her hands are tied in a prayer position behind her back? Or when nipple clamps punish her for imperfect posture? We'll see how well she does under the more "stressful" conditions.
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