Failure Pudding Part 3
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In this final installment of Nora Riley's livefeed we start with some absolution. The Insex crew tries to get Nora to understand why she's being caned. Somehow even though submission is supposed to be her forte she is unable to express why she needs to be taught a lesson. The tears drip from her face. The embarrassment of being a failure and being stupid in front of all the members has really set in. The first few strokes get her screaming though London is barely touching Nora's porcelain skin. It doesn't bode well that Nora can barely handle the smallest of hits. Yet another failure.

The culmination of Nora's anal training comes in the form of a giant red and black cock. Laying on her back she's told to put it in her butt. It's been done before on Infernal Restraints with Laya Falcon. It's a big dick so Nora is given some time to push it through. Unfortunately Nora just isn't that good. In fact we've struggled to find what she's good at and it seems that failure is the only thing Nora has a knack for. To conclude our livefeed Nora is strapped into the spanking bench. She gets an asshook which is tied to her hair. To mirror her failures we give her some pudding. Nora can barely stomach it. Yet another way in which she fails. The only thing left to do is fuck her face. The dildo slides in and out without mercy. Nora fails us for the last time!

In a BDSM scene humiliation is one of the most intense activities though it may seem trivial. The emotional impact of a heavy humiliation session can last far beyond the marks left by a heavy impact scene. Nora proved throughout this shoot that she is a good submissive and a great humiliation slut. She took everything that we dished out without asking to stop. She deserves our admiration and respect.
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