Thirsty part 2
Rosa Rojas Master James 2016-09-18 14.99 credits Buy Movie
It was such a treat having Rosa Rojas in the studio today. She walked in so put together and simply captivating with her unique expression of the woman she is. A strong, independant, self assured, Dominant Mistress with a confidence that silently commanded O⁄our attention. For the last ten years she has been feeding this part of who she is, but today, she is wanting to revisit where she first began into the world of BDSM and kink. She wants to explore her submissive side once again. It's not the easiest thing for a Dominant to fully throw themselves into the opposite role... especially in such a public way... but Rosa took the bull by the horns and came humbly to U⁄us looking for a true experience into pain and pleasure. It was an honor to take her on this trip.
It was a squelchingly hot day outside, well into the 90's and high noon. Fear not... we have plenty of water on the agenda for today. But she will most definitely be working for it. Adorned in heavy leather and metal bondage throughout the entire ordeal, her tasks become increasingly difficult to manage. A bit of interrogation to knock her down a few notches to the nothingness that one must reach in order to fully accept their submissive place at the feet of their Master. Her suffering is just exquisite to watch.
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