Lovely Suffering Part 2
Luna Lovely realtimebondage 2018-06-09 18.99 credits Buy Movie
While the crew prepares for Luna's next trial she and Eden get gross. Luna is told to spit on Eden, but she's got a bad case of cotton mouth. Eden shows her how it's done by showering her in saliva. Then they share some quality kissing time and some grapes.

Luna is put into a box tie and put onto the table. Her ass is pushed out behind her giving the members a great view. A rope is put around her neck and attached to the floor so she can't get up. That's when the cane comes out. The challenge is can Luna keep quiet while she's being hit. She says that she can't, but she impresses even herself.

The heater is next and it's gonna warm Luna up. She starts off shivering so it begins by helping her out, but after a while the heat is overwhelming and she begs to be released.
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