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Iris Rose looks like a dream come to life. Nice tits, tight holes, blonde hair, and a banging body, she is stepping right out of the magazines and into our dungeon. O.T. is the lucky guy who gets to play with her and she is the poor piece of ass that is going to submit to his brutal treatment.

She is more of a moaner and whiner than a screamer, but O.T. stuffs her panties in her mouth to muffle whatever noises are coming out of her for a while. She's going to make plenty of noise because she has a tough day ahead of her. Tit flogging gets her wound up, but really the thing she hates the most is being hobbled. O.T. chains her arms and legs, then has her crawling around on the floor like an animal.

Being degraded seems to have an aphrodisiac effect on this one, though. As soon as O.T. pays any attention to Iris' pussy she is begging for permission to cum. They are small orgasms, either. She explodes, squirting all over the floor and yelping in ecstasy.
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