Trans e-girl Device Bondage
River Enza Goddess Kyaa Master James 2019-10-27 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Slave River Enza is an internet girl who is cock craving mad, who gets off on your attention no matter how harsh or humiliating. She wants to pay the price with fear and pain in sex slavery. She gets what she needs transgender e-girl Style!

Transgender porn is now the top viewed porn on the internet. Gender bending is on the front page of the most popular global rags and even on the lips of the straight and narrow. We do not all identify with the sexual orientation we were born with. Gender bending has been around for as long as we have been humping each other for pleasure. Now the e-girls are taking it to the next level for your viewing pleasure, another identity in the obscene, the fetish and the bizarre, that of which places like Rome and Berlin has been known for, or the darker sides of the Artemis. We all like it in the back seat, or wish to deliver it there!

Master Kyaa has brought her slave River Enza to the Sensual Pain Dungeon for further training. While slave River has a pretty firm grasp on being a slutty cock craving whore, her Master thinks she could use a bit more training in the painful pleasures of BDSM... Master James was delighted to lend his expertise.

Scene 1 - 3 is with Master James delivering the painful bondage you have come to know in wood and steel device bondage for intensive sadomasochistic BDSM.

Words from River Enza - I have never been so physically dominated by anyone like I have with Master James. The most challenging bondage and beating sessions continues to increase in intensity both physically and mentally from when He first puts the irons on me. At one point I'm secured face-down on a wooden bench with a steel choker-collar, my legs and feet cuffed and drilled into the dungeon floor. This has the effect of keeping the weight on the balls of my feet while I'm locked into position, unable to writhe and twist from the most intense beatings to come. Master James applies the flogger, cane, and singletail in a vicious fashion, aiming to mark my ass, legs, and feet. A ball gag prevents me from screaming as in my last videos, and all I can do is moan and drool throughout. The sting of the impacts becomes amplified when Master James adds the electrified violet wand, making my flesh tingle and sizzle. I have a completely unexpected reaction to electric play and start giggling uncontrollably as I felt the arc of electricity danced on all my nerves as it was pulled across my reddening ass.

Scene 4 - Goddess Kyaa appears in the final minutes to admire the mess Master James has made of me, to rake Her nails over every sensitive area then crops me hard and fast, while both dominants tease me and ready me for the satisfying conclusion of ass fucking me in scene 4.

Words from slave River Enza; The video opens with me climbing on to my Master's feeldo cock, all of the bruises of my sessions visible, a pipe-gag strapped in my mouth, and fucking Her cock. Master James proceeds to skillfully flick a singletail whip, striking my sensitive tits and soft girl dick. Nipple suction cups are clamped onto my tits and then whipped off all while I ride that cock until I'm warm and hazy. Goddess Kyaa lays me down on the bench and really gives it to me with Her ever hard cock, pounding it into my ass until She has a body-shaking orgasm. I'm falling into deep sub-space, aware of every sensation in my body, and to close this scene I stand up and show off all of the marks on my body from every angle, proud of surviving this round of pain-slut training.
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