Exquisite Torment
Marina infernalrestraints 2012-11-23 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Cyd Black and Marina have not seen each other in a while so this should be an exciting and enthusiastic reunion. He has always been one of the most sadistic minds around, which she finds incredibly exciting.

Her outfit is perfect for this. It is sexy and revealing, highlighting the beautiful curves of her body. Even better, it can be easily slid out of the way to provide access to the flesh that provides those curves. Her tits just beg to be clamped down on. Her ass readily accepts a hook. And her pussy? That is a hole that can never be too full. She literally begs for Cyd to push an inflatable dildo inside of her.

Marina's body shows the marks of the punishments visited upon her. The cane has left stripes all over her ass and her face is covered in dirt. Still, she is as sexy as ever as Cyd vibrates her clit until she achieves an amazing orgasm.
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