Drool and Board
Eugene sent Kenzie Taylor to OT to help work off her debt to him. OT's "Photography" seems a little weird to Kenzie, but she plays along. The reality is that OT doesn't really do photography other than to document the crazy devices he puts women in. Kenzie starts to struggle when OT leaves her alone for a while. When he returns to have his fun with her he makes the positions increasingly more difficult. The more uncomfortable Kenzie gets the more panicked she gets.

He exposes and plays with her GIANT tits. He puts her on her knees and ties her tits tightly apart. He pulls her knees up so that all her weight is on them. Kenzie hates it, but she can't help loving it. The drool from the gag runs straight down her face. It even gets caught up in her bush. The board OT has her strapped to is seriously harsh.
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