Crocodile Tears
Oh, Bella Rossi is one hell of a beauty, and she is a veteran when it comes to BDSM, but she is never really sure what to expect when Matt Williams, a master of diva destruction, gets his hands on her. She just knows that whatever it is, it's going to hurt and she is going to love every second of it. That's how bondage and discipline work for her. She gets off on the feelings of helplessness and pain.

There is a lot for her to process. Matt has no interest in giving her enough time to process what the hell is going on. It's going to be a complete overload of her senses. Her tits are tied, then caned, while she's drooling through her gag, just after cumming her brains out. Her pussy is split open over a wooden bar, bearing all of her weight down onto her clit. It's all coming at her so fast that she barely has time to scream. And Matt shows no signs of letting up.
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