The Good Sub
Electra Rayne infernalrestraints 2016-01-01 19.99 credits Buy Movie
The good sub does more than just obey commands and expect orgasms. The good sub delights in her master using her body, whether to give her pleasure or pain. The good sub is a pet, certainly, to be cared for, but a toy, also, to be played with. Electra Rayne is a good sub.

Other subs may have little collars of leather or lace, adorned with little ornaments befitting their station in life. Electra's is made of cold, iron pipes, heavy as a yoke, and she wears it proudly for O.T., to show her dedication to serving him.

Other subs also get the privilege of being fucked, but that isn't in the cards for Electra, at least not today. Instead she is going to perform for him, in all of the ways that she has been trained. When she is bent over, her ass in the air, being violated by Mr. Pogo, she doesn't complain or struggle. Instead she just takes it, accepting her fate as a single tear rolls down her face. She gave up her will and her agency a long time ago. Every good sub does.
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